Do you deliver?

Yes, within a certain radius and we also work with you to find the most affordable safe transport of your new horse if you are further away.

Can you give me the pedigree info on one of the foals listed?

We have tried hard to put up pediigrees for as many of the horses as possible on the site already.  You can access pedigrees and more info about sires or dams by clicking any red highlighted name - it will take you to a page for that horse with a pedigree at the bottom.  If you have followed all the red link names and still don't see the pedigree info you are looking for please email us and we will get the info posted.

Can I pre-order a foal?

Yes, you can put a deposit on any foal you would like to reserve.

Are your horses good for beginners? 

All horses are different and every beginner should have the help of a knowledgable horse person to guide them, having said that, we always have various types of horses for sale and some of them are good for beginners.

I am ready to buy a foal but I don't know which one to pick. Can you help?

Yes, we interact with our horses on a regular basis and have had many of them for many years, meaning we know what kind of temperaments they have so if you contact us and give us a list of the traits you need we can help you choose the foal that has the best chance of becoming what you need.

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